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Our Dining Room is open!

We are excited to re-open our dining room with a brand new menu starting Thursday, September 10th. See you soon!

Emmer & Rye To Go

For the first time ever, almost all of our nightly dinner menu will be available to order via takeout! Ordering will open up daily when our menu is finalized, and easy curbside pick up will be available from 5:30 - 10pm every night!

Holiday Kits

Looking to celebrate at home? We've got a kit for every occasion! New Years Eve, Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, and more. Keep an eye on our Instagram and website for our latest menus and ordering links.

Press & Upcoming Events

This collaboration between David Wilson of Napa Valley and one of our favorite South African winemakers, Chris Alheit, highlights the grape Valdiguie. Once popular in Napa Valley- and often called 'Napa Gamay', this grape varietal fell out of fashion and now has less than 300 acres planted in California. Wilson Foreigner shows us why we should still care: this wine has the charm of Beaujolais with spicy, intriguing aromatics. We serve it chilled and find it dangerously easy to drink. ⁠ ⁠ Valdiguie, Wilson Foreigner, Napa Valley, CA 2017

The Emmeroni's Classic Chopped Salad⁠ - Treviso Chicory, Romaine, Chickpeas, Pepperoncini, Texas Cave Aged Cheese & Yaupon Kombucha Herb Vinaigrette. Order yours using the button in our profile.

We are asking for your help and support to Keep AISD Kids Fed during the upcoming district closure, from July 6-10.⁠ ⁠ Our sister restaurant, @henbitaustin has been partnering with AISD and other local restaurants to provide approximately 44,000 meals to students every week. During the district closure 7/6-7/10 these 44,000 meals will not be available. Other local emergency food resources like @ctxfoodbank and Keep Austin Together will be available during this gap to provide alternative options, but there is still a gap of over 20,000 meals affecting more than 1,400 students for whom these meals are a critical need.⁠ ⁠ Every $6 donated feeds an AISD student a locally made, nutritious and nourishing meal as well as helps to keep⁠ local restaurants open; helps employ Austin food service professionals impacted by the Pandemic and helps keep Austin dollars in the local economy. Every donation of $50 or more will get you a one year membership with the Taster's Table Club. Link in bio to donate - thank you for your support!

Sotol is a foraged product we just started using at the restaurant last year. We slowly roast it for two days until it is extremely caramelized, then treat it like an artichoke, removing the tender hearts. The stock we make from its leaves is earthy and deliciously bitter. It has the aroma of coffee and caramel, and is balanced well by its natural sweetness and salinity. In this dish, we've used the stock to make a brine to marinate the fish with, and pureed the hearts with honey and salt to glaze it while it's on the grill.⁠ ⁠ [Grilled Bar Jack, Sotol, Mexican Plum, Jalapeño, Hoja Santa]

@tavel19, The Chocolate King, has been tinkering with and obsessing over panna cotta for years. Surprisingly, this is the FIRST time he's ever put a chocolate version on a menu! (We have strong suspicions he's been making them in secret at home for years). It's the perfect end to a beautiful summer menu - a bowl of crunchy, bright, dark chocolate goodness all to yourself! 💛

Red buds! Every spring we look forward to the return of these sweet, textural, stunningly beautiful flowers. Their acidic crunch brightens up ⁠everything they touch.⁠

Have you tried Emmeroni's yet? It's our classic Italian pop up with a Central Texas twist...to go! Pick up classics like Lasagna, Meatballs, and Focaccia Garlic Bread, or try the Calabrian Chili Chicken with gremolata, braised fennel, preserved orange, & arugula. ⁠ ⁠ Curbside pick up from 6 - 10pm, every Tuesday through Sunday. Order using the button in our bio...and don't forget the tiramisu! 😉