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Brunch Menu

Sprouted Red Fife Porridge, Fresh Cheese, Strawberry, Fennel, Streusel 11

Soft Scrambled Eggs, Chive, Green Tomato, Creme Fraiche, White Sonora Roti 14

English Muffin, Smoked Pork, Fried Egg, Aioli, Tomato, Kale 13

Pozole, Black Beans, Braised Trotter, Cabbage, Cilantro, Lime, White Sonora Tortilla 14

Abruzzi Rye Crepe, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Leek, Parmesan, Parsley 13

Fried Egg Toast, Avocado, Red Dragon Radish, Green Tomato, Turmeric Vinaigrette, Basil 14

Pastry Cart

Superfood Cupcake, Creme Fraiche, Honey, Parmesan 4

Yogurt Panna Cotta, Granola, Strawberry, Candied Pecan 5

Mimosa Baba, Brioche, Candied Orange 4

Bloody Mary Kolache, Spicy Vodka Butter, Tomato Jam 5

Pecan Sticky Knot, Chocolate Glaze 4

Brunch Beverages

Shacksbury Farmhouse Vermont Cider - Emmer & Rye Foraged Cider - 6.2% - 12 oz 7

Fresh-Squeezed Texas Orange or Grapefruit Juice Mimosa 9

Brunch Punch 8

Lazy Suzette

St. Germain, Suze Saveur d’Autrefios, Lillet Blanc, Topo Chico, Sparkling White Wine 13

Emmer & Rye Bloody Mary

Dripping Springs Vodka, Fermented Tomato, Green Tomato, Cucumber, Olive Brine, Chile Pequin 10

One dollar of every sale will be donated to UNIDOS Puerto Rico to support the ongoing hurricane relief efforts