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About Us

  • Emmer & Rye is a restaurant designed around the farmer’s haul, featuring a menu that changes daily with a focus on seasonal and local cuisine. Heirloom grains are milled fresh for house made pastas, breads, and desserts, whole animal butchery is done on site, and an extensive in house fermentation program captures flavors at their peak and preserves them for the off season. When you visit the restaurant, check out our larder to see vinegars, pickles, and brines bubbling away.
  • There are two ways to dine with us. One is off the menu which offers small plates, pastas, and desserts, which are all meant to be shared. In addition to our printed menu, guests can also order directly off circulating carts that stop by during their meal to try 'dim sum' bites. These nightly specials will be described tableside and range in price from $4-$12.
  • Emmer & Rye is a carbon neutral restaurant. We work with Zero FoodPrint to help offset our carbon emissions.
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Why the circulating carts?

Our 'dim sum' style of service allows us to support our community of producers, farmers, and ranchers. With a menu that changes constantly we already have the ability to highlight the best of the season, but with our dim sum menu, we have even more flexibility to reflect daily what our farmers are most excited about. This style of service is not meant to be rushed, and is meant to be enjoyed alongside your meal of small plates ordered off the main menu. Sit back, relax, and enjoy an immersive, interactive dining experience.

Why Emmer & Rye?

Emmer wheat was collected from the wild and eaten by hunter gatherers for thousands of years before it became one of the first domesticated crops. It was was once popular, but has fallen out of contemporary favor. The flour has an earthy, slightly spicy flavor with a rough texture and an aroma of mushrooms. Our love affair with emmer quickly spread to exploring other varieties of grain. We tried them in pastas and breads, changing ratios and diving into the nuances of these forgotten flavors. As we dove further into these relic grains, we knew we wanted to share them with others. We chose “Emmer” as a tribute to those sometimes overlooked ingredients that will speckle our menu here in Austin.

Chef Kevin had an opportunity to spend time in a kitchen in Copenhagen, and Denmark strongly influenced his views on food. It represented the celebration of produce at its peak, the reflection of vibrancy through a dish, and the utilization of acid and bitter just as much as sweet and salty. When you think of Scandinavia, you often think of the iconic rye bread, so “Rye” joined emmer.

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